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IE Yoga Club

Written on December 12, 2018 by Campus Life in Social, Sports

With the support of IE Campus Life, the IE Yoga Club had the opportunity to organize a promotional event on the 28th of November at IE. The class was offered complimentary for the students and Jaime Arnaiz Rebollo from JAR filmed the class in order to create a promotional video for the club. There was a great turnout by students and recording the class provides future promotional material for the club.

The collaboration of the students, the support of the certified yoga teacher and the help of Campus Life made this all possible. We’re still waiting for the final video and will be sure to post it on all social media channels as well as share it with Campus Life when it is completed.

After attending class, Devin kindly proposed to teach for the Yoga Club starting January. He was willing to organize a last-minute class (9 students attended!). He was able to meet the regular students who normally take class (more of a Hatha-based flow) and introduce a different teaching style – Ashtanga. Feedback from class was very positive: students appreciated having diversity in the styles of yoga offered by the club. We will continue to introduce different yoga styles and encourage new teachers to join the club starting January onwards. 

Starting January, the IE Yoga Club will come out with a new face, having three main objectives in mind:

– Diversify our offer by offering every week an Ashtanga Yoga class, a Vinyasa Yoga class and a Hatha Yoga class.
– Plan regular classes every week. Student will be able to rely on the club and have a regular practice.
– Organize other events related to yoga (as meditation or nutrition) by finding sponsors in Madrid.

In addition, we will look to develop and nurture existing relationships with yoga studios here in Madrid and welcome collaborations as well as guest teachers for different classes. We want to encourage students to learn more about yoga and how it can be of use during stressful situations (exam week, group conflict, deadlines, etc.) and everyday life. We aim to make yoga more available and break down existing stereotypes/misconceptions about what yoga is and how the practice can improve students’ lives.


International Yoga Day

Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

Yoga and Meditation have traditionally been viewed as mystical and exotic practices from the East. The worldwide acceptance has largely been due to the distributed efforts of various like-minded people who have experienced and benefited from the practice of Yoga.

But the real push came when the then Indian Prime Minister in his address to the UN General Assembly in 2014, proposing for an International Day of Yoga said “It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature.” (Source: Wikipedia)

The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere known as the Summer Solstice was proposed due its various significances’ all around the world. But from a Yoga perspective this is when the sun starts to move south and is considered a time when there is natural support for those pursuing spiritual practices.

The IE Yoga Club together with our students celebrated the International Day of Yoga (21st June), which is in its 4th year since being adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

We celebrated this with a session of Yoga led by our certified board member Carmen Gracia, which was followed by a meditation session led by IE Alumni Gonzalo Fernández.

The event took place in the Student Hub in MM31-BIS which was nicely arranged for us by the Campus Life team. A truly befitting place to carry out our last event for the current academic year.

The celebration of peace culminated with some organic drinks and snacks!

A truly fulfilling and enriching event for one and all involved !!




Written on July 23, 2018 by Campus Life in Sports

During our time as IE Yoga Club coordinators we focused on making sure that our message and activities were available and ready for everyone.

We wanted to make sure that as many people as possible tried yoga and meditation and could experience its incredible benefits.

Life as a student can be really stressful and students can suffer from anxiety, bad sleeping and eating habits and in general a lack of physical activity that can lead to feeling unhealthy.

This is why we always focused on having weekly activities ready for our students to join. We usually had yoga classes taught by the coordinators every Monday or Wednesday and two meditation classes a week depending on the level (beginners or advanced).

In our yoga sessions, some of them taught by me, we made sure we emphasized the importance of breathing as a way to calm our body but also help you during your practice in terms of balance and cooling off the body.

We usually taught dynamic styles of yoga, like Vinyasa or Hatha, because we realized the need for movement. We as students were spending many hours a day sitting in a chair, so we wanted to make sure that our yogis were moving and breathing in what we thought was a form of moving meditation.

During the classes we usually started with breathing techniques to bring the awareness back to the body and the breath, and then started moving slowly. We started heating the body with some sun salutations and moved all the way through standing poses, twists, inversions and backbends.

The classes were usually aimed for beginners but the reality was that we had an all levels class very frequently. Therefore, we usually gave several options for the postures depending on were our students were in their practice and how they were feeling that day.

During this months as coordinators of the club we had a beautiful experience, getting to know people from many different masters and nationalities. We also had a great time among coordinators, trying to organize our events and resources as best as we could.

This experience was a great learning opportunity and we hope we have impacted our yoga students in the best way possible and that they continue their practice through their lives as a tool to a better, happier life.

Carmen Gracia
IE Yoga Club Vice-President & Certified Yoga Instructor


IE Yoga Club – Bringing Yoga to IE community

Written on May 19, 2015 by Campus Life in Sports

The mission of the IE Yoga Club is to bring yoga to the IE community. With our weekly free yoga practice we are giving the opportunity to those that have never practice before to know this amazing and life-changing discipline, and to those that already know the wonders of yoga to share a weekly moment of connection and peace inside IE. But we do not stop there!

From the IE Yoga Club we have been actively looking for new opportunities for the IE community to practice yoga all the time. Thanks to our yoga network in Madrid, we have been able to bring professional instructors to demonstrate different styles. Our objective was to provide a wide vision of what yoga represents and the different ways it can be interpreted. That way, each one of us is able to find the style that is personally more suitable and engaging. But, as in yoga, you have always to go a bit further!

We have proactively seek for agreements with some of the best studios and instructors in Madrid, including MadYoga and Eliza from Yoga At The Park, to provide special offers and discounts to the IE community. That includes from single classes, to monthly subscriptions, to summer retreats in Tuscany. Yoga has never been so close to IE and we are happy of that. There is no excuse not to practice yoga every day, every time. Namaste!!


IE Yoga Club – Jivamukti Yoga with Candida Vivalda

Written on May 19, 2015 by Campus Life in Social

candida vivaldajivamukti yogaIn our weekly yoga practice on Wednesday, April 29th, we had the opportunity to enjoy a free Jivamukti yoga class leaded by Candida Vivalda. Candida is a professional yoga instructor certified by the prestigious New York Jivamukti Center.

The Jivamukti Yoga is a modern brand of yoga created in 1984 by David Life and Sharon Gannon. On one hand, it is inspired in the ancient Indian tradition and, on the other, it is adapted to the Western context and the daily life needs. It can be stated as integral yoga, since it combines the physical, ethical, and spiritual practice in each session. It has become very popular among celebrities, for instance, Sting and Madonna.

During Candida’s class we had the opportunity to enjoy a vigorous hatha yoga, together with meditation and philosophical discussion. It was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with our true-self and to recharge our batteries for the final part of the IMBA.

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