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IE Partners Club update

Written on February 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Social

partners4Lego event this week had a small change in methodology. We wanted the children not only to play with lego, but also to draw on the board what they are creating while we can teach them something about the alphabet and certain letters.

First we draw basic geometric shapes: square, circle, triangle and rectangle and we encourage children to seek between these figures in lego pieces. Then we asked children to tell us a letter so we can draw on the board and choose a word beginning with that letter. They chose F (flower), D (door) and P (pencil). Each of the children built with lego the words they picked and then drew them on the board.

We all had fun while kids combine various recreational activities and, as always, learn something new.

Last Friday we had the opportunity to meet the new members of the group. We went for a delicious lunch to Gastromaquia Restaurant where we spent a great time talking and knowing some new partners. We could explain all the activities the club has, for adults and kids, and some of the futures plans. We are very glad to see how more and more members join us in the different activities we have.



LEGO activity by IE Partners Club

Written on November 30, 2015 by Campus Life in Social

First Lego Session

We know playing is valuable for kids. In fact, it’s considered by many, to be the most important activity in the development of children. With these activities we can help them accomplish it.

At the end of the activity, they had built a house, a fountain, a robot and other beautiful things, but the most important thing in this activity is to is foto5encourage children to explore and discover on their own and also teaches them to share.

During this first session, kids built whatever they wanted and shared with the rest of the class their creation. Some kids explained it while others were too shy to do it… but the main objective was that everyone had fun with LEGO ACTIVITY!!

Second Lego Session

In our second session of Lego, we worked with a pre-design model. The teacher (coordinator in charge) started using different sizes of Lego blocks to build a cow and a flower. Our goal was to make kids learn how to follow instructions, be patient and respect each other.

While a child is manipulating Lego bricks, he is developing his coordination and motor skills with the movements he makes with the muscles found in his fingers and hands (Fine motors skills). This also helps children to think in three dimensions.

Lego is not only fun for kids but is also beneficial. As we said, the ability to follow directions can also be learnt while playing with Lego.

Third Lego sesión

The fun continued and this time with new kids!! It’s amazing to see how children that come from different countries, have different culture and speak different language can interact by just playing.

For the 3rd Lego Activity we built a house! It was pink, with a little yard and some vegetable! Kids really enjoyed what they created.

It was really nice to see parents helping their kids. So, the result of the activity was not only the kid’s creation but also a moment for bonding. And like always, TO HAVE FUN!!

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