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Elevating house keeping to an Art!

Written on October 27, 2015 by Campus Life in Professional, Social

marta stewartAmbassador Costos and Mr. Smith have a strong determination to increase knowledge and recognition of the Spanish Brand in their country.

Some weeks ago our students and alumni had the opportunity to discuss fashion and luxury, with nobody less than Anna Wintour and Martha Stewart! Mr. Smith interviews her in front of a group of young entrepreneurs, mainly women! Inspiring and fun, but also very didactic and realistic! Very often we have the fake impression that to be an entrepreneur we only have to have a great idea and borrow some money from family and faithful friends to became rich. Nothing further away from reality!

After her university graduation she went straight to Wall Street in order to learn from the best. Entrepreneurial spirit is a vocation but it also requires skill and knowledge, and of course, it´s also a trial and error process in which failure is a part of success. One advice! The sooner you recover, the better, and back to work. She has also committed mistakes, mainly by not choosing correctly with whom to work with. It is important to choose appropriate people who you can trust and who have the same objectives!

Curiously! She confesses she has pictures, notes and pinned materials all around her, she is interested in learning about EVERYTHING, there are new ideas everywhere.

Fearless! She is never satisfied and is always ready for change, or as she describes it, evolution, and is also prepared to do a lot of hard work, being an entrepreneur is a synonym of working very hard.

Focus, focus, focus: she repeats this like a mantra. Her other advice to success while starting up is looking for ways to make money from the first steps. 

It was nice as a Spaniard to realize her deep admiration of our creators and entrepreneurs. It is great to have the recognition of such a role model who was once very flattered by her neighbor who told her that she had the ability to elevate the home –not house- keeping to an art!, by the way, the neighbors name was Steven Spielberg.

It was so nice to see some of our students among the attendees! It is important they realize how meaningful these opportunities are, even better than staying at home studying the next exam or sleeping a siesta.

I deeply regret not being able to attend the presentation Malek Nejjai from Amadeus did last Friday with the IE Diversty club, but they told me we had a waiting list and in the end we did not have full attendance! I always say that you configure your Master, and in the end your success, by choosing how you invest your time!

Margarita Alonso

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