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Tennis Club events 2015

Written on December 3, 2015 by Campus Life in Social, Sports

RF1After a rather quiet spell at the beginning of 2015 the Tennis club came back to life again when I took over as president of the club, starting competing at the MBAT 2015, which is the main sports event for Business schools held in HEC Paris. During the MBAT tournament, Tennis  was played in the Davis cup format and we finished 4th out of approximately 20 teams.

The Tennis club has also had new members join the board in the month of September and with them also came new initiatives. Thanks to Vivian Krall, a fellow board member, we were able to secure a 10% discount on sporting goods for the IE Tennis club members at Deportes Wimbledon store in Madrid.

We have also created a whatsapp group for club members as a communication medium to meet, practice and play tennis. It’s not surprising to say that given the passion for tennis the group has its been very active during this year.

The club is also planning to starting coaching sessions wth Andrew Raphaelson at the beginning of January, who will be joining us as an IE student.  Andrew Raphaelson has played tennis all his life, including 4 years for the University of San Diego in the United States. In addition to helping coach a number of junior and collegiate players over the years, he has also hit with many top professional players including Fernando Verdasco, Ernests Gulbis, Caroline Wozniaki, and Sorana Cirstea. Andrew has volunteered to coach IE students who are looking for assistance with improving certain aspects of their game. Given the talent pool at IE I feel we have a very good chance of bringing home Gold this time round at MBAT 2016. We are also in the process of organizing the first ever IE tennis singles tournament for gents and ladies in December 2015. I must say given the level of commitment and enthusiasm of the current board members the future of the club looks very promising.

Rohan Fernandes


IE Tennis Club at IESE Spring Games and MBAT

Written on January 2, 2015 by Campus Life in Sports

Ttennispost2he IESE Spring Games were held during the weekend of April 4th-6th and the IE Tennis Club had a team representing the school. We participated in two different categories: Mixed Doubles and Men´s Singles.

In the first category, we were represented by Camilo Bueno (Colombia)/Nathalia Reyes (El Salvador) and Sebastián Chacón (Colombia)/Amelia Wix (UK). They all had a great performance and the first couple defeated all their rivals, and after winning 3 different matches they got the gold medal in their category.

In Men´s Singles, we were represented by Hernán Mendivil (Peru), from the IMBA program. He ended up making it into semifinals after defeating all three adversaries in his group. Then, he made it to the final, and sadly lost that final match after 3 very exciting sets.

tennispost3This tournament was a very interesting experience because all IE teams started to prepare and generate a good cohesiveness towards the next challenge that MBAT represented.


When May arrived, everybody was really anxious because it meant that MBAT was about to start. Many of us had heard about this tournament even before the program started, and we were told that this was one of the best experiences we will have during this year.

The IE Tennis Club sent 2 teams to compete and both of them did a great job. Tennis matches were like playing a Davis Cup, but with men and women participating at the same time. Each team was supposed to present 2 Men´s Singles, 2 Women´s Singles, 1 Men´s Doubles, 1 Women´s Doubles and 1 Mixed Doubles.

The first team was composed by Chris Holman (USA), Kunal Bisariya (USA), Santosh Mahale (India), Ricardo Ocampo (Colombia) and María Angela Cepero (Colombia). They played against LBS, Cambridge and Oxford and this team was one match away from getting to the semifinals.

tennispost1The second team was composed by Hernán Mendivil (Peru), Ryan McVicker (USA), Amelia Wix (UK) and Catalina Esparza (Colombia) and they played against RSM and HEC, defeating both teams and making it into the semifinals. They then played against Oxford and got to play the final against Insead. Finally, they got us the silver medal of the tennis tournament.

Although most of the tennis matches were held off campus because of the rain, this was an incredible experience for bonding with every IE team. The IE spirit had a great presence amongst all activities that took place that weekend.


MBAT 2014

Written on May 25, 2014 by Campus Life in Sports

We went ahead this year for participating in MBAT 2014 with lots of fanfare and preparation. IE Badminton club is absolutely proud of our team!!! We started off with an amazing and entertaining match against LBS 1, definitely by far the strongest team on the entire competition…

We started with the men’s doubles, where Prashant Kumar and I made a fantastic Job and beat them on the first match! 1-0…Then I assumed the responsibility for the men’s singles… Even though I’m not a singles guy, and having the complete support of our IE’s cheerleaders, I lost that game 21-17 with an amazing opponent from Hong Kong… I swear I gave my best guys, still sad to disappoint you but after the match I was overwhelmed by your support and from other schools about my game and our effort, so I ended really happy for playing an awesome match that everyone in the colyseum enjoyed watching, the entire place was watching the game and it was an amazing experience. We added Hidemi to our team so she could give us a hand on the women’s singles, however she faced the most hard girl’s opponent in the entire competition and she lost, but words aren’t enough to thank her for her support and her awesome performance through the entire competition!!! Then we had the nicest girls Yuvika and Mallory just made a superb match for the women’s doubles and totally kicked their asses on the doubles match!! Making the match tied up 2-2 and a definition pending to see which was the best team of the entire competition (really sad that both teams were against on quarterfinals, we were all recognized by other competitors as the strongest team, but HEC odd rules made that happen and somehow made them benefit…)

A thrilling definition, with an absolutely amazing performance by Yuvika and Prashant…we have analyzed the match several times, there was nothing to change, they just weren’t so lucky in a game that was applauded by LBS members themselves..We lost 3-2 in a game that we all know it was the real final (people from LBS, Manchester, ESADE, and other schools have approached to me to tell us that we were the strongest one!)…we made an awesome bonding with LBS players, they complained also to the organization that the rules made them go against the strongest team (us) when it should have been the final…but IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE! I’m totally proud to have been the captain of absolute fighters! I love you guys, you completely made me proud today for what we have accomplished in just a few months, you are awesome…Let’s not forget Thorsten , he also played an amazing role in the games he played! We sadly didn’t have him for the quarterfinals but his commitment and effort in other stages was admirable…We wish to thank each and every member of the badminton team and all the supporters present for their dedication and efforts. It was a wonderful tournament.

IE Badminton Club

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