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McKinsey: Talent Obsessed

Written on October 25, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

MckinseyThe first ieOut recruiting event with McKinsey took place at its offices with more than 25 candidates. Brian Rolfes, Partner, Global Recruiting at McKinsey & Company and Co-founder of GLAM did a very engaging presentation. He did not want to explain what it means to work at McKinsey, he preferred to focus on the importance to be ourselves.

There was also time for Q&A and for networking, where candidates could interact with him and with GLAM representatives from Madrid offices.

Brian started explaining why McKinsey was doing the effort to attract LGBT candidates to their firm and he stated that McKinsey only has two assets: Talent and Knowledge. This is why they need to get the best.

Further to him there are three main reasons for searching diversity:

  • They look for different perspectives, strengths and skills (he, himself is a lawyer)
  • Their business is problem solving and they need innovative approaches and creativity
  • The increase of client diversity requires diverse profiles to address their focus, interests and skills.

He also dedicated some time to explain the benefits to be authentic and the advantages to sponsor GLAM at McKinsey:

  • Support: it is nice to learn that you are not all alone
  • Talent war: they really want the best
  • Enhancing the environment
  • Being a global network, they have a wider perspective
  • A very powerful tool to get external outreach It is nice to have a network, and there can be fear to look for equal opportunities, but these benefits are also directly related to the business case.

Why diversity matters at Mckinsey

Written on November 23, 2015 by Campus Life in Other Activities, Professional, Social

mckinseyThe IE Diversity club and IE Women in Business club organized another successful event. Maria del Mar Martinez, Director from Mckinsey came to explain “Why Diversity Matters”. There are two details in Maria del Mar career that tell us a lot about Mckinsey leadership as well as hers. She was appointed partner while she was on a part time program after her maternity making her one of the first female partners in Iberia.

After moderating her brilliant presentation I received several messages of students saying it was a great and inspiring conversation, and so it was indeed!

She combined corporate figures with personal insights, which is what I personally enjoyed the most.

73% companies set gender as a priority and believe there is a case, mainly focusing in two targets: best brains and coping with customer demographics. But more and more women want to be there, and although there is not a causality relation there is a correlation between those corporations having, not one or two, but three women at the top and a healthier bottom line.

Further to Maria del Mar there are still four barriers: Structural obstacles; life style, that is continuously changing, not only for women but also for men who are changing the balance of time and the way they devote to work; Institutional biases, for example, women are promoted more often further due to their performance and men for their potential; and lastly, the individual mindset.

I totally agree with her, Diversity advancement is significant only when it´s a mandate from the top, further to her data only 54% of professionals think that their CEO is visibly committed with gender diversity …. 47% of women and 61% of men.

With regard to her personal insights. She gave general recommendations and ended with some specific advice for women.

  • Take the reins
  • Do not fear
  • Set goals and go for them
  • Be optimistic
  • Look for and exploit your energy sources.

She insisted a lot in the importance of feedback, we have to learn how to give it and receive it. Do not be defensive when you receive feedback and do not take it personally.

And specifically for women who want to lead:

  • Choose well your companion, it is a long and difficult way
  • Organization! You have to delegate at home and at work
  • Personal reflection
  • Contribute to other women successful career.

IE Consulting Club: McKinsey On Campus

Written on October 4, 2013 by Campus Life in Professional

McKinsey12/09/2013. On Thursday September 12, the IE Consulting Club kicked off its series Consulting: An Insider View with McKinsey & Co. José Ramón Finch, Engagement Manager with the Strategy and Corporate Finance practice and Recruiting Coordinator, Mariña Lopez, both from the Madrid office, came to IE to speak to students about a career with McKinsey. José began the session with a review of the interview process one can expect at McKinsey, particularly the infamous case interview.

In order to succeed at McKinsey it is important to have mastered the case interview, as it is intuitive to the situations one will experience as a consultant with the firm. The ability to clarify, structure, analyze and reach a logical conclusion when faced with an ambiguous company problem is the key to success as a management consultant.

José walked the 55 attendees through a sample case interview question and encouraged students to utilize a framework and talk through their thought processes. To be successful in a McKinsey interview, José offered the crowd three simple tips:

 1.   Explain your thought process- the interview needs to see how you think!
 2.   Refine your hypothesis with intuition and feedback from the interviewer.
 3.    Push for a conclusion- that’s the point of hiring a consultant in the first place!

José and Mariña then spoke about the qualities they seek when recruiting for McKinsey. They stressed the importance of a McKinsey candidate to have strong problem solving skills; practical, common sense; and strong communication skills.

Interested in applying? Applications from the November 2012 Intake graduates should be submitted as soon as possible as the Fall recruit season starts in October.  Stay tuned  and visit our Facebook page   for more to come from the IE Consulting Club!

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