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ARTAI-VidaCaixa Sports Accident Insurance

Written on April 27, 2015 by Campus Life in Sports

(*Spanish version below)

As most of health insurances do not cover accidents that occur while practicing sports, we have negotiated a special insurance policy with ARTAI and VidaCaixa for those of you who are active in sports. IMPORTANT: the insurance is only valid for sports practiced in IE sports clubs.

The insurance costs 53.72€/year and will cover you from the day of hiring the policy until March 1, 2016. In case you hire the policy less than a year before its expiry on March 1, 2015, a proportional amount of the annual fee will be charged. If you finish the program before the expiry date in March, 2016, you can cancel the policy and a proportional amount of the annual fee will be reimbursed to you. The policy can be renewed at its expiry in March, 2016. The renewal of the policy is annual, but if you finish your program before the expiry date, a proportional amount of the fee can be reimbursed after you cancel the policy. Please check the attached document for details about the coverage.

The insurance will cover you in the sports tournaments outside of Spain as well.


Sign-up process

In order to sign-up for the insurance, you have to send the following data to and

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Birth date
  • Sports you are practicing
  • Country of origin
  • DNI or NIE number (it is compulsory to present the NIE number in order to receive coverage)
  • Spanish bank account (the fee will be charged automatically to your bank account)

Important: please indentify yourselves as students of IE, so that the company can apply the discount for you.

Your insurance policy will be sent to Campus Life office. As soon as we receive it, we will inform you, so that you can pick it up at your convenience.


What to do in case of an accident?

If you have been injured while practicing sports, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Fill in and sign the two forms attached (Spanish form / English form).
  2. Go to a medical center of your choice (public or private). In case you need to pay, please keep all the invoices. You will need them to get reimbursed by the insurance company.
  3. Request the medical center to issue a certificate confirming your injuries and the sport you were practicing when the accident occurred.
  4. Submit the two forms (1), invoices (2) and the certificate (3) to M. Luisa Lorenzo Rodriguez at VidaCaixa (, 91 432 68 12).


Seguro de accidentes deportivos de VidaCaixa

Dado que la mayoría de los seguros no cubren los accidentes ocurridos al practicar deportes, hemos negociado una póliza especial con ARTAI y VidaCaixa para aquellos de vosotros que practicáis deportes. IMPORTANTE: el seguro sólo cubre los deportes que se practican en los clubes deportivos de IE.

El seguro cuesta 53,72€ anuales y cubre desde el día de contratación de la póliza hasta el 1 de marzo de 2016. Si contratas esta póliza después del 1 de marzo de 2014, se te cobrará una parte proporconal de la prima anual. Si terminas tu programa antes de la fecha del vencimiento de la póliza en marzo de 2016, podrás cancelarla y se te podrá devolver la parte proporcional de a prima. El seguro se podrá renovar cuando venza en marzo de 2016. La póliza se renueva anualmente, pero si terminas el programa antes de la fecha de vencimiento, se te podrá devolver la parte proporcional de la prima una vez hayas cancelado la póliza. Para más detalles sobre la cobertura, consulta el documento adjunto.

El seguro también cubre en torneos deportivos que se celebren fuera de España.


Proceso de contratación

Para contratar el seguro, deberás enviar la siguiente información a y

  • Nombre
  • Apellido
  • Fecha de nacimiento
  • Deportes que practicas
  • País de origen
  • Número de D.N.I. o N.I.E. (para los alumnos extranjeros es obligatorio presentar el número NIE para tener cobertura)
  • Número de cuenta bancaria española (la prima se cargará automáticamente en tu cuenta bancaria)


Importante: por favor, identificaros como alumnos de IE para que la empresa pueda aplicaros el descuento.

El contrato de seguro se enviará a la oficina del Campus Life. En cuanto lo recibamos, te informaremos para que puedas recogerlo cuando mejor te vaya.


¿Qué hacer en caso de accidente?

Si te has hecho daño practicando algún deporte, estos son los pasos que tienes que seguir:

  1. Cumplimenta y firma los dos formularios adjuntos (formulario en español / formulario en inglés).
  2. Acude al centro medico que prefieras (público o privado). En caso de que debas abonar algún importe, por favor, guarda las facturas; las necesitarás para que la empresa aseguradora pueda reembolsártelas. 
  3. Solicita en el centro medico que expidan un parte que recoja las lesiones y el deporte que estabas practicando en el momento del accidente.
  4. Envía (1) los dos formularios, (2) las facturas y (3) el parte médico a Mª Luisa Lorenzo Rodriguez de VidaCaixa (, 91 432 68 12).

Interview with a Club: IE Basketball Club

Written on July 8, 2013 by Campus Life in Sports

Who are we?

The main objective of our club is to spend some time together outside of the school, do some sport to be fit, meet new people, and of course, have a good time playing basketball.

Current Coordinators

johannes_hinschJohannes Hinsch – IMBA November 2012 intake, German. Johannes is tall as hell.


estornesJon Estornés – IMBA April 2013 intake, Spanish. Jon started playing at the age of 12 and has not stopped ever since. Genuinely interested in basketball he is always keen to chat about NBA!


pierre_landolf_0Pierre Landolt – IMBA November 2012 intake, Swiss. Pierre has been playing basketball since a pretty young age but never in a club. As Jon, he’s also keen to chat about NBA (rooting for the Lakers).


steffen_muller (Mobile)Steffen Muller – IMBA November 2012 intake, German. Steffen has spent 10 years of his youth on the court. He’s looking forward to have some nice games with you.


jacobo_ruiz_de_villaJacobo Ruiz de Villa – IMBA April 2013 intake, Spanish. Jacobo is a lethal three-pointer shooter.



Club Activities

We play all Wednesdays (normally at Gimnasio Moscardó, not far from the school) and sometimes we also play on Thursdays. The number of people who come to play is growing every week and sometimes we are more than 20 players.

Our Vision

We are planning to organize a full day tournament followed by some trophies for the winners and pizza for everyone (will keep you updated on that!). Another activity we want to organize is a 3×3 tournament and a 3 point shoot-out contest.

Get in touch and participate!

There’s a Facebook group that all IE students can join. They just need to subscribe and they will be able to see all the updates and write their comments. The Facebook Group’s wall is regularly updated with all the relevant information about the Club’s activities, so it’s the best way to be kept in the loop.


Interview with a Club: IE Badminton Club

Written on June 24, 2013 by Campus Life in Sports

Who are we?

Badm2IE Badminton Club is a unique place for unique people. Badminton helps not only to switch our focus from studies to networking and physical activity, but also to generate or advance skills. We believe that this sport develops both attention focus and strength. From managerial point of view, badminton teaches us how to take risks and what are the consequences of our actions. In addition, we as players develop several skills that are essential in our personal and professional lives, some of them are: goal-orientation, time-management, effective usage of resources and team-work. It is not a club for badminton professionals, IE Badminton Club is for everybody!

Current Coordinators

Current coordinators are Konstantin Sukhobaevskiy and Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya.

KonstantinKonstantin Sukhobaevskiy is an IMBA student from November 2012 intake. Although badminton is not popular sport in his home country, he is a real enthusiast of this sport. He was the captain of IE Badminton teams for IESE 2013 and MBAT 2013 tournaments. Konstantin has 7 years of work experience in financial field of manufacturing companies. He held different financial positions in world-leading chemical, steel manufacturing and electricity generating companies.


SabySabyasachi (Saby) Bhattacharyya is an IMBA Student from April 2013 intake. He has been enthusiastic badminton player since his school and has represented his college and previous organizations in many Badminton tournaments. He has won Silver medal in Men’s Singles in the just concluded IESE 2013 Games. Saby is a Six Sigma Green belt certified professional with 7 years of diversified global work experience in leading and managing multi million dollar technology intensive Industrial Automation projects for Fortune500 clients.


Badm1Club Activities

IE Badminton Club organizes weekly games. We play every Sunday afternoon. The popularity of the club is high, the maximum number of people who came to play simultaneously was 28 players.

IE Badminton Club participates in IESE Spring Games tournament and MBAT.

Badm3Of course, we organize internal tournaments throughout the length of the year. At the moment are happy to announce the first Intra IE Badminton tournament!

Our Vision

We are planning to maintain our level of activities and invite more and more people. In addition, we are considering the collaboration with other clubs for organizing joint events such as seminars, discussions and invitation of guest speakers from sports industry.

Get in touch and participate!

The main source for the information is our Facebook page. You can also contact us via email.


Interview with a club: IE Running Club

Written on June 3, 2013 by Campus Life in Other Activities, Sports

running club in retiroWho are we?

IE Running Club brings together current students, alumni and staff of IE who share a common interest in running. This is a club for regular runners and beginners alike as our members cover everything from casual joggers to ultra marathon runners. We use the club as a platform to share running tips, routes, training schedules and to find people at our pace to run with.

Current Coordinators

Our club coordinators are Ana Elisa Gil, Shawn Leamon and Vinay Paulose.

ana gilAna is a Venezuelan engineer, specialized in Digital Marketing who did the Masters in International Management with a dual specialization in Marketing and Sales, and Digital Business. She currently works in Online Marketing at BMW España. Her running objectives for 2013 are to run an average of 10k per week and improve on her last 10k mark which was 55’17”.

shawnShawn has a background in finance in New York City.  He enjoys the challenge of running the marathon and ultra-marathons on both roads and trails.  His favorite run is a few hours getting lost on the winding trails of Casa de Campo in Madrid.


Vinay Paulose - PresidentAnd the third coordinator is Vinay  Paulose. Vinay is a Supply Chain Engineer working in the field of shipping and logistics. His interests include scuba diving, skiing, surfing, travelling and of course, running. Vinay is a leisure runner who, after a long day of class, enjoys a good run to explore the remotest corners of Madrid.


Club Activities

1. We meet every Sunday at 7PM for a run. The meeting point is normally decided on a couple of days before and posted on the IE Running Club Facebook page. We try and change the locations around to see different parts of Madrid.

2. Every Tuesday at 6-7PM we run at Parque Retiro with the VidaFit running club, run by a partner Breanne Kiefner. This is usually followed by beers at the James Joyce pub.

3. On Thursdays at 8PM there is the Nike run which many members of the club take part in. This is a great way to meet local runners from Madrid. The run starts from the Nike store on Gran Via and the routes change every week.

4. Besides the regular events members of the running club regularly take part in marathons across Europe and competitions such as the MBAT and IESE Spring Games. Many of us from the Club ran the Rock and Roll Madrid Marathon in April in IE colors. We were also the runners up cross country team at the 2013 MBAT held at HEC Paris.

Our Vision

The club strives to continue being a healthy and fun way of seeing Madrid and meeting people across different courses at IE. If there is a running event happening in or around Madrid, we will be there to represent IE.

Get in touch and participate!

To be a part of the action, you can join the ‘IE Running Club’ on Facebook.   

Here, members post a variety of running related information and we schedule running meets and events.

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