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An Insight into Recent Tech Valuations – Dot Com 2.0

Written on April 28, 2014 by Campus Life in Professional

20140407_190944IE Capital Markets Club is committed to regularly organizing interactive sessions, giving IE students the opportunity to gain insights from top-level professionals in the financial industry.

On April 07, 2014, the club organized “An Insight into Recent Tech Valuations – Dot Com 2.0?” held at MM 202, María de Molina 31. As the distinguished speaker, we had Francisco J. López Lubián, professor and former director of the area of finance at IE. With thirty years of experience in teaching, he has been associated with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and IESE. He combined this teaching career with an intense career in business as a financial analyst at Hewlett-Packard, controller for the Sarrió Group, financial director for Sarrió Tisú and general financial director for the Isolux Group.

Professor López Lubián regularly contributes to leading newspapers, including Financial Times, and for the last five years has collaborated with Actualidad Económica journal and Expansión newspaper to publish the ranking of value creation for the shareholder.

With his wealth of experience in the financial industry, Prof. Lopez shared his opinion about the recent mind-boggling news from the tech sector. Facebook and Twitter’s IPO, the $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, tech stock trading at astonishingly high multiples – he shed light on these indications as another possible tech bubble (DotCom 2.0).

20140407_191341One of the most intriguing aspect of the event was how coherently Prof. Lopez explained the Facebook’s recent acquisition of WhatsApp, and eventually providing his view on the blockbuster transaction. He spoke about the valuation issues that posed different challenges for Facebook, the type of assumptions used for the valuation, and more than anything else, the future outlook for the combined companies.

At the end, there was an interesting Q&A session, where Prof. Lopez answered questions from the audience regarding the transaction.

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The 4th Edition of IE Digital Forum

Written on March 7, 2014 by Campus Life in Professional

IML_2357On January 30th, IE held the 4th Edition of IE Digital Forum, the main event about Technology and Innovation at IE Business School.

Organized by Fernando Esteve, Vikas Sheth and The IE Technology & Innovation Club, the event counted with professionals from well know companies like Écija, Deloitte, Indra, Altran, Oracle, IBM, Acciona, Ideagoras, Amadeus and Accenture.

IE Digital Forum is the event where you can learn about the last trends in Technology and Innovation directly from the actors that shape them.  The event, held completely in English, was organized in 3 panels, preceded with an introductory speech by Fernando Esteve and Vikas Sheth, organizers of the event and alumni and student representatives of the club.

Panel 1: Trending Topics in Technology and Innovation

The objective of this panel was to discuss about state-of-the-art technologies and nnovations.

The panel started with the speech by Teresa Pereyra, Senior Associate of Privacy and Information Technology at Écija, who talked about “Trending IT legal aspects”.

“Each technical solution”, Teresa said, “appears as an answer to a need, as a solution to a problem but, once developed, it has to exceed the obstacle that implies the business and customer’s legal compliance. It is there where IT law enters, to provide with complementary solutions to transform technological solutions into legal and viable technologies”.

IML_2363“IT law is and will always be an inseparable and necessary companion of any technology and innovation trend”.

The panel continued with Óscar Rozalén, Director IT Strategy/Operation/Transformation-Technology at Deloitte, who talked about “The Digital Race”, about how the information demand has increased enormously, that “we, the customers, have changed: we do not have time and we require ubiquitous and immediate services”.

Óscar explained how analytics are the answer to these new requirements and that it provides intelligence to this massive amount of information.

To finish the panel, Alejandro Pérez Candela, Head of Smart Cities and Urban Traffic Solutions Department at Indra, introduced the “Smart City” concept as “cities that use innovation and connectivity to provide a model that enhances economic and political administration”. “It implies the definition of a new city model, with a dynamic long term vision, where people receive relevant information, immediately and with the new participating services that they require”.

IML_2497Panel 2: Setting up a new innovation environment

The objective of this panel was to discuss the difficulty of introducing new improvements and new technology in order to increase creativity and productivity in companies and society.

The panel started with Teresa Hernández, Innovation Partner at Altran, who talked about Innovation as making new things, offering new products and services, and providing value. Furthermore, she explained that these objectives can be achieved by applying the Innovation Canvas Model which “allows you to ask yourself the proper questions”

Then, Javier Torres, Business Operations and Demand Generation Director in Oracle, talked about Innovation and the impact of data in business.

“The data volume is increasing at high speed. The source of this data is different and, as long as new applications appear, it continues growing. Also, that data is unstructured”. That is why, “we need systems that can analyze that data, provide relevant information and the ability to provide that information when needed”.

To finish the panel, Miguel Ángel Martín, Big Data sales Leader at IBM, explained the future beyond Big Data. “We are in an early stage for Big Data Technology, an opportunity of future development, that allows creating systems that will learn by themselves by analytics and that will be able to propose valid solutions”.

IML_2511Panel 3: Digital Identity

The objective of this panel was to discuss marketing and how it can be developed through the use of technology.

The panel started with the speech by Ángel González, Founder & CEO at Ideagoras, who said that “companies are no longer the owners of their brands”.

“In a connected world, collaboration economy appears: collaboration is key”. “Brands have gone social”. “A social brand is to be co-created by the audience, listening and with dialogue”. “In order to build strong brands, you need the audience to participate in its co-creation”.

Nerea García, Head of Talent Acquisition at Acciona, talked about “Digital Identity of HR”.

“Traditionally, companies used to hide company knowledge and kept it inside: internal trainings, internal knowledge sharing…”

This is the point where Acciona started a travel that implied deep transformations on the company where “employees are taught to chat about the company through social networks”.

This way, “Employees are company’s best ambassadors on the web”.

Luigi Battista, Head of Business Development in WEMEA at Amadeus, talked about “technology trends in the travel industry”.

“Travelers want to have a (travel) plan their own way. Usually, we visit several websites to plan a trip and we get many results”.  We like flexibility. In a digital world, “less is better”, we need to provide relevant information, especially when it comes to mobile devices. Companies use data, obtained through user navigation in web sites, to offer related information.

“Technology will allow performing semantic searches, in which no specific word is searched but the meaning of the whole sentence, to access user-context related content and C2C (Consumer To Consumer), business where consumers offer services to others, like car sharing…”


Mariano Prieto, Business Consultancy Director for Airlines at Indra and member of IE Technology & Innovation Club talked about “LATAM Airlines’ ecommerce strategy definition”.

Mariano explained the merge of TAM and LAN airlines and how technology allowed the efficient use of resources and the appearance of blended strategies for sales development.

We reached the end of the panel with David López Diaz, Digital Business Manager in Financial Services at Accenture, who talked about the use of technology in the banking industry. “There is no business without trust in the banking sector” and “it is damaged”.

Banking industry faces several challenges (business intelligence, social media and digital ecosystem)” and it should use “SoLoMo” (Social, Local, Mobile) strategies to “attend to the new customer behaviour”.


Last but not least, Santiago Íñiguez, the Dean of the IE Business School, took the word to thank this “initiative from students to students”, and the followers through social media and the variety of shared ideas.


The story and insights of an Israeli first-time tech entrepreneur

Written on February 12, 2014 by Campus Life in Geographic

Israel Club 1As representatives of the startup nation in IE Business School, we decided to introduce our fellow classmates with insights from a real startup story. We had the honor to have Refael Dakar, Co-Founder and CTO of SOOMLA, as our guest speaker to share his experience. SOOMLA is an Israeli startup that has developed a technology to help indie game developers make more money and move faster with their games.In our session on the 7th of February, Refael walked us through the decision making process of a young startup from idea evolution to team building to fundraising. The garden in Area 31 was at full capacity, and the audience engaged Refael with questions about the do’s and don’ts of founding a new venture.
Israel club 2

The IE Israel Club in Madrid is very proud and happy with the positive feedback received both from inspired students as well as from faculty. This event was one among a series of opportunities in 2014 to expose the global IE community to the Israeli startup scene.

If you are interested in learning more about the Israeli eco-system or you are planning to visit Tel-Aviv, contact us at, and visit our Facebook page.

IE Israel Club

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